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About Us

Quality service throughout the year with opportunities to experience a quality and nurturing educational experience that your child will benefit from on various levels.


Greatness in the making, learning at its best!
Teamwork, positive spirits, and engagement in growth and development among staff.


Hours of Operation

Full-Time Hours: 7:00a.m.-7:00p.m.
(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks Included)

Part-Time Hours: 7:00a.m.-1:00p.m.
(Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks Included)
Part-Time Hours: 1:00p.m.-7:00p.m.
(Snacks and Dinner Included)

Quality and Passionate About Learning!

Level-Up Learning Center

We are a Non-Profit Corporation dedicated to educating the whole child. Our employees are trained to provide a high quality academic and social educational environment for infants 8 weeks and older.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Dr. Kaysie S. Burton, Chief Executive Officer and Mississippi Level-Up Learning Center Partnership Director

Dr. K. Burton, Chief Operating Officer with 17 years of experience, has collaborated with educators and institutions of higher learning to help grow and sustain a comprehensive reading program to ensure participants gain the knowledge, skills, and dispositions essential for effectively teaching P-12 students the literacy skills necessary for a productive life. Varied theoretical underpinnings, research-based methods, and national standards, which include but are not limited to, Barksdale Reading Institute, National Institute of School Leadership, the National Reading Panel and Common Core Standards, serve as guidelines for the professional knowledge and pedagogical knowledge taught throughout each subject.

Dr. Monica M. Shaw

Chief Financial Officer and Tennessee Level-Up Learning Center Partnership Director

Dr. M. Shaw, Chief Financial Officer, with 18 years of experience in public education, has experience with students in grades pre-K through 12th. Dr. Shaw willingly accepts challenges as opportunities of growth. By targeting students' varying competencies and skills, Dr. Shaw believes in providing students with a variety of learning experiences to effectively enhance their level of understanding.

Ms. Tonya Blunt

Administrative Clerk Director

Ms. T. Blunt has a passion to keep things balanced. By maintaining order, she believes that students will have a better opportunity to focus and excel. With a Bachelor of Science In Organizational Leadership, and an emphasis in Project Management, she has a firm belief that all students can be successful beyond their wildest dreams. With 30 years of experience as a Paralegal and Contract Specialist, Ms. T. Blunt will help structure the learning environment in unimaginable ways.

Ms. Taziana T. Blunt

Social Media Director

With 5 years of experience as a Certified Medical Assistant and currently obtaining certification as a Registered Nurse, Ms. Taz will ensure that all centers are provided first aid kits and properly trained personnel that will obtain CPR Certifications. Ms. Taz Blunt believes that learning begins before children are enrolled in the traditional school settings and all children are capable of learning!

Ms. Sabrina D. Blunt-Pearson

Director of Food and Nutrition Programs

With 12 years of experience as an Independent Cater for private events and ceremonies, 6 years of experience as a Certified Medical Assistant, 8 years experience as a Histology Technician, Ms. Pearson will provide training to Food Managers and Handlers. Ms. Pearson has a passion for providing all children with the nutrition they need to thrive and develop. She will also ensure that all centers are provided with menus, nutritional snacks, and meals that meet Food Safety Curriculum guidelines.

Ms. Kimberly F. Brown

Georgia Level-Up Learning Corporation Partnership Director

Ms. K. Brown graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and specializes in the Multi-Media Department. Ms. Brown has also obtained an Associates of Arts in Social Work where she developed the phrase, "Live as if you were die tomorrow, and learn as if you were to live forever." With 12 years of law enforcement experience, she has a strong belief that education is the passport to the future. Ms. Brown will ensure that all centers are equipped with latest security systems and technology.

As a positive role model and well-rounded educator, I have had the opportunity to teach a diverse group of students including those who perform below, at, and above grade level in all grade levels. By achieving several degrees and earning National Board Certification, I have solid in-depth knowledge regarding effective teaching methods that help me provide differentiated instruction to meet students' and adults' unique needs. I encourage student learning by making sure that learning experiences are authentic and student centered. I also incorporate a variety of learning centers, various forms of technology, and multiple ways to ensure that all students are successful on various levels. 

Level-Up Learning Center will provide a safe, fun, nurturing environment that fosters opportunities which will enrich all children cognitive levels, academic, and social readiness. This learning environment will also provide authentic educational and social programs that will help develop the whole child.
                                                                                                   ~KSB, Ed.D., NBCT